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Help & Advice on Writing Your CV

A CV is a summary of your employment history, qualifications, interests and a chance to promote yourself. The purpose of the CV is to promote you positively with a view to gaining an interview. There are no magical rules, as any CV which gets you an interview is a good one.

Writing your CV will take time, however, this is time well spent, as the better the CV the better your chances of securing the right job.

Here are some useful guidelines:

  • Always check the spelling and grammar when typing your CV.
  • Make the CV short and snappy, not more than 2 or 3 A4 pages.
  • Present the information in a logical and chronological manner.
  • Use positive, active words, e.g. developed, managed, increased, implemented, maintained.
  • Use the appropriate commercial or professional jargon, but do not overdo it and try to avoid abbreviations.
  • Use bullet points, like the ones in this list, as it makes the CV easier to read.
  • Include a positive profile at the start of the CV, outlining in brief your experience, skills and requirements, so as to entice the reader.

Information to include on your CV:

  • Name
  • Address, Telephone Number and E-mail
  • Profile
  • Salary Indicator
  • Notice Period
  • Location
  • Education and Qualifications including dates and where you studied.
  • Employment History including Positions Held and Reasons for Leaving. Make sure that there are no gaps on your CV and that any gaps are explained.
  • Interests
  • Other relevant information i.e. foreign languages, computer skills, reference details, driving licence.

Professional CV Builder

Writing your CV can be a daunting task as it needs to make you stand out from other applicants, insuring you get asked to that all important interview.

With this in mind Heat Recruitment have created a CV Builder to guide you through the process assisting you in creating a professional and striking CV.

The CV Builder is designed to breakdown the format into the key points allowing you to complete them in simple steps…

Launch the CV Builder

Your Details

Career History

Complete your Career History starting with your most recent or current role, then by descending dates as you add additional positions. (Maximum of 5)

Current or Most Recent Position

Position 2

Position 3

Position 4

Position 5

Education & Professional Qualifications

Complete your Education History starting with your most recent, then by descending dates as you add additional positions.

For Professional qualifications enter any other relevant information, i.e. foreign languages, computer skills, reference details, driving licence.